Best Brass Parts Manufacturer

Best Brass Parts Manufacturer
Best Brass Parts Manufacturer
Best Brass Parts Supplier Best Brass Parts Supplier Best Brass Parts Supplier Best Brass Parts Supplier Best Brass Parts Supplier
Best Brass Parts Manufacturer
Best Brass Parts Manufacturer

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Best Brass Parts Jamnagar
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass components
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Special Fasteners
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Inserts
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Decorative Parts
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Terminal Bars
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Anchors
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Special Components
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Switchgear Parts
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Electrical Connectors
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Electrical Plugins
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Eye Bolts
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Assemblies
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Sheet Cutting
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Electronic Pins
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Pipe Inserts
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Fittings Parts
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Screws
Brass Parts Jamnagar Brass Nuts & Bolts
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Turned Brass Components

Company Profile

Best Brass Parts is one of the most believed and reputable Precision Brass Turned Components Manufacturer and supplier, providing services to the very best believed organizations in India as well abroad countries.
The years of experience and excellent Quality awareness has made its own name in the file of Precision Brass Parts manufacturing and supply.
  • Our Main plant at Jamnagar is having the state of art manufacturing facilities, with best machineries, in house manufacturing of brass components and fully assured quality control panel.
  • This supported by a very well organized and experienced team of highly professional and totally committed brains for fulfilling customer's implied and stated demands at a very short notice.
  • Total customer satisfaction both in quality and personalized attention, understanding and developing innovative cost effective techniques for customer benefits is the base of our foundation since years.

Best Brass Parts division of Shiv Om Group accredited with the honor of ISO 9001:2000 certifications.Best Brass Parts is a manufacturers of PRECISION TURNED BRASS COMPONENTS in India. By the years of experience and broad vision towards the total Quality in every aspect, company has earned its own name in the Brass Industries, worldwide.

The company has commenced its manufacturing operations in the year 1992 with a limited working capital and machinery. However, during the years, due to its steadfast and animated Executives and Managerial staff, the company could achieve all the targets.

  • By the year 2000, due to continual market expansion of the company and ever growing demands of our valued customers, Shiv Om Brass Industries increased its working capabilities and invested in State-Of-Art fantastic modern manufacturing techniques, Quality Assurance System, Measuring & Testing Equipped R & D facility to achieve new heights of customer satisfaction. 
  • This is further enhanced by implementing an advance Customer Relation Management application.
  • The manufacturing plant is now spread on 148,000 Square Feet at GIDC-III, Dared, Jamnagar with highly dedicated 125 employees .

Best Brass Parts has gained recognition as a reputed manufacturer of high quality electrical products. The excellence in manufacturing, product designs and the performance over a decade has enabled the company to offer Unique Quality products and confirm to latest National & International standards.

The company is committed to achieve leadership position in the Electrical, Electronics & Automotive Industries by creating technical and marketing advantage to consistently meet or accede to customer expectations.

  Best Brass Parts Manufacturer
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Brass components Brass Special Fasteners Brass Inserts Brass Decorative Parts Brass Terminal Bars Brass Anchors
Brass Special Components Brass Switchgear Parts Brass Electrical Connectors Brass Electrical Plugins Brass Eye Bolts Brass Assemblies
Brass Sheet Cutting Brass Electronic Pins Brass Pipe Inserts Brass Fittings Parts Brass Screws Brass Nuts & Bolts